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Kids tennis in bangalore
Sarjapur Elite Tennis Academy weekend Men’s tournament 14-Nov-15 to 15-Nov-15
Elite Tennis academy – The professional Best Tennis academy in Bangalore – Sarjapur Conducts the Elite Tennis Academy Weekend Mens tennis tournament from 14-Nov-2015 to 15-Nov-2015 Tennis Tournament Age Group (Men’s)  as below, Above     30 yrs Singles Above     40 yrs  Singles Above      40 yrs  Open doubles ELITE TENNIS ACADEMY in […]
Benefits of Tennis for Kids
Age for kids to join We also have beginner classes for ADULTS and JUNIORS of all ages.  There is no age at which learning is any less rewarding than at any other age. Still we recommend minimum age of the child should be 4 yrs. Also, if you really want to be the best you can be, you […]