[frexy_table style=”primary” columns=”5″][frexy_table_column title=”Member Type” text=”Monthly||Half Yearly||Yearly||Long Term||Premium”][frexy_table_column title=”Term” text=”1 Month||6 Months||1 Year||3 Years||5 Years”][frexy_table_column title=”Fees” text=”Rs.4500||Rs.10,000||Rs.20,000||Rs.55,000||Rs.70,000″][frexy_table_column title=”Monthly Maintenance” text=”NIL||Rs. 700||Rs. 700||Rs. 700||Rs. 700″][frexy_table_column title=”Installment” text=”NIL||NIL||Two||Three||Four”][/frexy_table]
[frexy_alert type=”success” border_width=”2px” icon=”fa fa-adjust” color=”#8224e3″ bg_color=”#dd9933″]Rules and Regulations[/frexy_alert]

system_tickMembership is only for adults and non refundable.

system_tickTwo courts are only for members, court availability on first cum first serve basis.

system_tickMaintenance fees to be paid quarterly.

system_tickGuest fees Rs 200/-per session, maximum four times a month.

system_tickDues to be cleared before 5th of every month.

system_tick10% discount for members on coaching fees.

system_tickMembers have to carry their own racket and tennis balls.

system_tickEach member slot is only for 45 mins.

system_tickPlease read our list of holidays.